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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Katrina Sparke

Katrina Sparke

Registered Midwife & Registered Nurse

Isle of Palms Resort 2-10 Coolgardie St
QLD 4221

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Growing up in South America, I have clear memories of my mother and grandmother going out into the jungle late at night to help deliver babies. I spent a childhood at the feet of my grandmothers, both maternity nurses, deeply absorbed in the tales of their midnight deliveries.

When I studied nursing I knew, without a doubt, that one day I would be a midwife and follow in the footsteps of both my grandmothers.

I am humbled and honoured to continue their legacy.

After my own difficult journey through IVF to motherhood, I am passionate about empowering women with knowledge to navigate pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

I look forward to spending the weekend with you exploring the magic and diversity of birth.

You will become empowered with knowledge, and we may even cry and laugh together.

I run my group classes near Pine Lake in Elanora on the Gold Coast, but also provide private in-home classes if that suits you better.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions.


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