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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Raine Sharpe

Raine Sharpe

Raine Sharpe

Raine Sharpe Raine Sharpe
Byron Bay
NSW 2482

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"A natural birth is where the body does the work it was born to do, and you - you journey with it & discover along the way the courageous powerful resilient mother inside that is there to carry you through motherhood!"    Raine

Hi I'm Raine, I have a midwifery background and feel privileged to have witnessed many births. I believe that pregnancy and birth are a profound opportunity to awaken power, courage and passion in women, where both their partner and baby are touched by this experience, providing a blueprint for the baby and parenthood.I attended Calmbirth training in 2006. Prior to this training I assured women that they can trust their bodies, that their bodies know how to give birth'. This is so true . However, not until I participated in the training did I find how it is possible to teach women how to trust, support and work with their bodies to do what it is they are so beautifully and naturally designed to do. the training provided me with the knowledge and techniques that I now share with couples. What I love about the Calmbirth classes is that it ignites the 'knowing' that, as women, we are designed to birth in the same well designed manner as all other creatures. The content of the Calmbirth classes shows how birth can be returned to the joyful peaceful experience that nature intended.Who you are, your life experiences and the conclusions you have come to about yourself and the world influence how you birth. I believe that preparation for this amazing event is important. The Calmbirth program assists couples towards finding personal empowerment as they bring their children into the world with a sense of calm confidence. Feedback from couples after birth assures me how effective the Calmbirth practices and techniques are for mothers, and how the fathers during birth are confident and know how they can support their partner in a present meaningful way.The Calmbirth Classes I share are held in Bangalow in the Byron Bay Shire, over two days.

Please Ph. 0409534052 or email [email protected] for further information .

Couples come from the Byron Bay, Lismore, Ballina and Tweed areas and the Gold Coast.

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