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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Regina Power

Regina Power

Certified Calmbirth Educator since 2006, M.ED Counselling and Certified Doula

Berry Uniting Church - Wesley Hall 77 Albert Street
NSW 2535

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Message from Regina: 

For the last seventeen years, I have had the privilege of teaching women and their partners and/or support people the Calmbirth® program.

The course runs from 9 am to 5:30 pm. It is broken up into manageable segments so that the experience is relaxing leaving you feeling informed, recharged and ready to meet your baby as a team together. I provide a delicious, snack basket to each couples as well as morning and afternoon tea. We will have a half an hour morning tea break. There will be an hour and fifteen minute break for lunch which will give you plenty of time to enjoy a beautiful meal in town and wonder around Berry. In the afternoon, we will have a shorter break to have some sweets and cuppa together. I have been told that my class is very much like a conversation, and that is why I keep my classes small so that everyone who wishes to can ask questions and involve themselves in the course content.

For each of my classes, I organise a WhatsApp’s parents’ group following the Calmbirth® course. This gives those couples, who are interested, a way of staying in touch and connected after the course. This also give me a way to stay in contact with you so I can easily send out additional information following the course to support you and encourage you on your journey into parenthood. Each couple will receive a copy of the Calmbirth® coursebook as well as downloadable relaxation tracks to practice following the course.

For a better understanding as to how couples have experienced the Calmbirth® program with me in Berry, please feel free to have a look at my testimonial page:


It is my sincerest wish that every mother and her partner/support person feel prepared with knowledge and skills to have confidence in her ability to birth this new little person into their lives. This course for me is not just a profession, it is a privilege, and I feel honoured to witness each and every time I teach the moment when a women realises, “I can birth and my baby knows how to be born!” Equally powerful is that important realisation when a  partner/support person understands how s/he has a vital role to play. You are now armed with the same useful, practical information so that you can birth as a team with your baby. Birth is then a celebration of a moment in time that you prepared for together. That special moment when you set eyes on your baby for the first time.

Calmbirth® Changed My Life

Calmbirth® came into my life while I was supporting women as a birthing doula. I saw firsthand the positive birth outcomes of couples who had prepared using Calmbirth®.

After attending a Calmbirth® class as the birth partner of a dear friend, I was inspired to learn more. In 2006, I was fortunate to be one of the first teachers trained by the program’s founder, Peter Jackson.

There is something so special about seeing the fear and doubt melt away as a couple realise for the first time that they can create a beautiful birthing experience. I’ve had the honour of preparing hundreds of couples for this moment over the past 17 years.

My passion and belief that women’s bodies are incredibly designed for birth was reinforced while birthing my own two children, Maia and Kiran. Using skills from the Calmbirth® program, I experienced the true beauty and power that is possible.

Preparation for birth plays a crucial role in creating a positive birth experience, no matter how the journey unfolds. We only have the blessing of giving birth a few times in our lives. Why not make it one of the best days of our life!

Birth is a life event full of anticipation and joy. Sharing the tools to empower you to give birth with confidence is one of the biggest honours that life has given me.

My classes will be limited to eight couples who typically attend the program between 24 to 32 weeks gestation. Coming to the course earlier gives couples more time to practice the skills taught in the course. If you are interested in attending the Calmbirth® program with me in Berry, it would be best to reserve a space now as courses tend to fill up in advance. Consider having a look at the reviews clients have written about their experience in my classes at the very bottom of this page or, visit WOMO, Australia’s top business review website to see all my client reviews.

The Calmbirth® program face to face in Berry, NSW will be held in the beautiful Wesley Hall. The original 1884 Wesleyan Church, which has been relocated and refurbished, is now known as “Wesley Hall.” It is air-conditioned/heated, has good acoustics, small kitchen facilities, as well as sound and video facilities. I am thrilled to find such a beautiful venue to teach out of so that you can have a relaxing and comfortable weekend. Please note that this venue and course are in no way affiliated with a religious group. This is an inclusive space where all are welcome.

Payment Options

The fee for the Calmbirth® course is $550 per couple. Please contact me if you are experiencing financial difficulties. I will be more than happy to review the payment options I have available so that all couples, regardless of financial means, can attend the Calmbirth® course with me.

You can also register for my course with a non-refundable deposit of $150 and payment in full to be made a week prior to the course. I feel passionate that all couples should have the means to attend this wonderful program that has been described by my course participants as life-changing in the way they are able to prepare for that special moment when they welcome their babies with great confidence and joy.


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