Testimonials from Calmbirth Educators

What an inspiring, mind changing and absolutely filled with knowledge journey it has been becoming part of the Calmbirth ‘family’. Each of the different components of the program was really well structured, very professionally organised and beautifully presented.

Over the years I have heard so many times from the couples attending the Calmbirth program how they came away from it with so much knowledge, confidence and even a bit life changed!

Doing the educator training and being able to dig deeper into that knowledge has allowed me to gain so much more insight into topics anywhere from our bodies, our relationships, to teaching and facilitating skills, to even a much better understanding of integrative medicine. I can only highly recommend this training and joining the Calmbirth family.

Being a participant at this year’s Calmbirth practitioner training was such a great experience for me. Being able to delve deeply into the science and research behind what makes Calmbirth principles so effective was an intriguing week of learning indeed. Being in a room full of like-minded people all eager to learn made the process so enjoyable and engaging. The course material was delivered in a very professional manner with a variety of methods. If you’re considering investing into your career I would highly recommend joining the Calmbirth team.

Calmbirth educator training 2016 was a fantastic week of learning and sharing knowledge with like-minded people. It was great to learn with a group of individuals all with a common goal of empowering women and their partners in labour and birth. Coming from a midwifery background I learnt so much about the power of the mind that will not only benefit me as a Calmbirth educator but as a midwife and as a woman.

An incredible week spent learning how the mind and body connection enables us as facilitators and women with their support person to change how they view birth and how they can use tools of Calmbirth to have the birth they want. I couldn’t wait to get out there and share everything I had learnt.