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Get into Water

Birth Preparation

There are so many beautiful benefits to labouring and birthing into warm water! It’s a wonderful way to help a woman to feel safe, calm and private! 


Water immersion:

• Helps create a relaxing environment
• Generates an intimate and personal space
• Reduces stress levels (catecholamines) and therefore intensity of contractions
• Great form of pain relief as it helps to promote the production of our own natural helper hormones like oxytocin and endorphins
• Has been linked to fewer interventions and use of analgesia in labour
• Buoyancy of the water means ease of movement as you work through each contraction/surge/wave

TIP: Another lovely way to further promote relaxation in water during pregnancy and in the lead up to your babies birthday is to enhance the environment with Calmbirth audio tracks/music, essential oils, battery operated candles and affirmation card – all things you can transport with you to your birthing space!

PSA: Please be careful when listening to the Calmbirth audio tracks as feelings of deep relaxation can ensue, so caution in water is advised (trust me, I know from personal experience haha)





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