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Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Kiri Cronin


Kiri, is a registered midwife and complementary therapist, with varied experiences working within the UK and Australia.

Her decision to train as a Calmbirth educator was a natural progression, stemming from her wish to assist women striving to reach their desired birth experience.

“I was struck by the simplicity of the Calmbirth techniques which can be utilised throughout life, not just for birth! “

She says, “As a midwife, I often observe first- hand the benefits of good preparation for birth. I have personally experienced how effective the Calmbirth program is at alleviating fear and tension, no matter what path each birth journey takes. Calmbirth encourages women and their partners to delve into their inner resources, building trust and confidence. I see the benefits of women believing in their own ability to birth, helping toward a gentle and positive birth experience.”





“I am passionate about teaching Calmbirth, as the principles driving it are grounded in science. It emphasizes the natural abilities of women, and encourages couples to deeply connect, working together toward a calm birth and transition into parenthood. Couples are empowered with knowledge and tools which enable them to approach birth with confidence, patience and strength.”

My name is… Kiri

I work as a… midwife, homeopath, reflexologist and Calmbirth Educator.

My life in five words….Showing up and being real.

The best thing about where I live is…The freedom to enjoy beautiful views, beaches and space. Big skies, big birds

What I do to relax when I am not working….Listening to music, playing records, walking on the beach, cooking, yoga and drawing

I can’t live without…Music, Good food and sleep!

The person I most admire is…Personal admiration for my 16-year-old daughter, who is a fierce feminist without even trying! She teaches me to speak up every day, question everything and never give up.

Professional admiration for… Ina May Gaskin who wrote Spiritual Midwifery and is dedicated to guiding birthing couples everywhere. For inspiring and encouraging women to see birth as a sort of initiation or rite of passage. For protecting the normality of birth and spreading her words of wisdom through books, interviews and teachings. For highlighting the great beauty, power and subtle physiology of a woman’s body, reminding us that birth is nothing to be frightened of.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth educator…Joining couples on their journey and empowering them to harness their own calmness and inner strength toward the birth they desire. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and the light bulb moments when couples realize their own capacity and power to create a beautiful family.

If I had to describe my own birth experiences in 3 words…Miraculous, cosmic and transformative.

The three essential things you need to take with you into labour are…Patience, self –belief and whole heartedness.

A favourite quote…‘You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both at the same time’. Brenee Brown

How seeing a baby being born makes me feel…Especially privileged and grateful to welcome the original face of each baby into the world. To experience the pure energy that radiates from each birth which is awesome and unforgettable. To bathe in this incredible life force which is addictive!

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