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Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Emily McNamara


Emily is a Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse and Calmbirth Educator in southern Tasmania. She is also a mother of four young children.

Emily says, “Calmbirth first entered my world 13 years ago when I attended a course in preparation for the birth of my first child. Despite already being a midwife, I walked away from that weekend with more knowledge and understanding about the natural physiological process of birth and what my body was capable of than I anticipated. I had a renewed sense of trust in myself and that I had the tools to work with whatever was ahead of us.  My husband also left the course feeling far less fearful about birth and more confident in his ability to support me. We went on to use those tools for each of our subsequent babies.

“Over the years since, I have cared for many labouring women who have also done the course and seen time and time again how it can have a profound and positive impact on their experience. The women who have attended a Calmbirth course seem to have a great sense of preparedness and the ability to manage whatever their birthing experience might bring.

The Calmbirth course provides me with the opportunity to share with you the knowledge and tools that are crucial to helping you and your support person feel calm and confident in labour, birth and on in to parenthood.”

I work at…Hobart Private Hospital in Southern Tasmania and previously spent five years on the labour ward at Royal Prince Alfred in Sydney. Prior to becoming a midwife I worked in Oncology as a nurse.

The five words that describe my life would be... family, women, babies, friends and gardening.

The best thing about where I live… is the community. I live in a small town in the picturesque Huon Valley that is full of great, community minded people. We have made some incredible friends and have created a beautiful life for our family. As someone who lived for the first 33 years of my life in Sydney, I have come to love and appreciate this rural life that we have now.

When I’m not working and have some spare time I love… spending time in the garden,hanging with my large flock of chickens or bush walking. Being outdoors is my happy place.

I can’t live without… my family. Such a cliche I know, but it’s the truth.

The trait I admire most in others is… compassion. When I think of the people whose opinions hold the most weight for me, that’s a trait they all have in common.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth educator is... having the opportunity to spend time with couples talking about the amazing things women’s bodies can do, and helping allay the fears many of us hold around childbirth. Seeing couples leave at the end of the course full of knowledge and more confidence is so inspiring. It keeps me motivated.

Three words I would use to describe my own birth experiences would be... powerful, challenging, life affirming. I know that’s four 😉

Three essential things you need to take in to labour are... good support, a great playlist, lots of big stretchy black undies!

The most memorable moment I’ve had as an educator... occurred after being present for the birth of one of my Calmbirth couple’s baby. The mum told me that as soon as I walked in the room and started speaking to her, she was instantly transported back to our classes and she felt a sense of calm throughout her whole body. 

How does seeing a baby being born make me feel... after 13 years and many births, I am still overcome each time by the magical nature of birth and the power of women.

You can follow me at… @calmbirth_with_emily on instagram or Calmbirth With Emily on Facebook

My next classes are on the first weekend of June and August at The Health Oasis in Kingston.

 **Please note: I alternate months with my friend and colleague Ruth Lees. If my course dates don’t suit you, please take a look at her availability on the Calmbirth website.

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