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Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Kimberly Wybrow


In my career as a midwife I have witnessed the incredible strength of many women and families bringing new life into this world. There truly is no greater privilege than being present at such a vulnerable and significant moment of a woman’s life. I have seen women enter the labour and birth environment with hesitation, anxiety and fear and have also seen women leap into their labour with courage, calmness and trust. The contrasting experiences that all women undergo is what makes my job so interesting and rewarding.  But I felt like I could do more…

By becoming a Calmbirth educator my goal is to empower and prepare all women and families to be able to approach their own birth journey with knowledge, calmness, trust and even excitement! Because knowledge is power and once we have an evidence based understanding of birth – we can unpack any fears or doubts. Together we can then build up a toolkit of ways to navigate the journey of labour, birth and parenthood, to come out of the experience with awe, strength you didn’t realise was possible and zero reservations to do it all again!

Through learning the Calmbirth program, it completely filled me with the confidence to plan a homebirth for our first child after a long IVF journey, and to look forward to it with eagerness. 

The Calmbirth program is for couples, and emphasises how your support person can also build their confidence in birth and learn ways to actively support the birthing mother.

Every family has the opportunity to have a positive birth experience, no matter how your baby is born – so let’s spend a weekend together ensuring that you walk away from your birth feeling positively transformed and fulfilled.

I will be offering a handful of classes in the Cockburn area before going on maternity leave in November. I will then be relocating to the South-West in early 2024 where classes will be available in the Bunbury Busselton region. 

Please feel free to get in contact with any questions about the program or if you’re interested in a private class. 

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