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Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Lael Stone


Lael Stone has spent the last 15 years working in Childbirth Education and postnatal care. She has worked as a doula for 12 years and as a Calmbirth Educator for 10 years. She also teaches Health Professionals about the current birth climate, as well as educating them on birth practices in Australia. Lael is also a certified Aware Parenting Instructor and runs regular groups for mothers, as well as workshops and private sessions for parents who are looking to create more connection and awareness in raising their children. In the last 5 years, Lael has also been teaching Sex Education to high school students and working with teenagers on all aspects of sexuality and well-being. She is the mother to 3 big kids – 2 of them who are teenagers which she is currently putting all her research into practice with them!

I compelled into the field of childbirth education by my own birth experiences. It has been my privilege over the years to witness and partner many couples achieving satisfying births.

My name is…Lael Stone, I have been a Calmbirth Educator for 10 years.

I work at…Birth Workshops.

What I love most about being a Calm Birth Educator…Seeing couples transform from fear to possibility.

My life in five words…Blessed. Calm. Busy. Connected. Funny.

What I love most about where I live… I love living in Inner City Melbourne. Always easy to get to places and you are never short of cafes to visit.

The three essential things you need to take with you into labour are…Breathing techniques, support and belief in yourself.

What I do to relax when I’m not working is…Meditate, Yoga, Lay on the Hammock.

If I had to describe my own birth experience in three words I would describe as…Transformational. Expanding. Intense.

My Most memorable moment as a Calmbirth Educator is…Working with a couple who had had a great deal of trauma with their first birth. We did a lot of talking and preparation around creating a positive experience no matter how the second birth unfolded. They called me about an hour after their baby was born to tell me how incredible their birth was and how healing the whole experience had been. I felt very privileged to be part of their journey.

I can’t live without…Quiet times.

The person I admire most is…My mother, she continues to follow her instinct and listen to herself, which guides her to be courageous and amazing.

The best advice I ever got…Stay open to all possibilities.

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