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Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Mel Scott


Mel Scott has been a Midwife for over 15 years and Lactation Consultant for over 7 years. She is also a mum of 4 and wife to 1!

She has worked across both the public and private hospital settings and most recently works at a GPO practice in Albany, Western Australia and says she feels it is a privilege to work with parents and their babies in this time of life where things can sometimes be uncertain or unchartered.

“I feel that here at Calmbirth we have the advantage of empowering women and their partners to make the decisions they need to for this journey they are going on. My focus will be on a small group of couples so that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you want, to get to know others going through the same thing you are.

“I love the fact that Calmbirth is evidenced based, scientifically proven to help reduce medical intervention with more positive outcomes for birth for families, lower rates of perinatal anxiety and postnatal depression. This is what first drew me to becoming an educator. After being a midwife in the hospital setting for so many years, I learnt so many skills, but felt that at times the calmness that could be around births was missing. So here I am on my own journey as a Calmbirth educator.”

My name…Mel Scott.

I work…Pioneer Health, Albany Western Australia.

My life in five words…Busy, fun, family, educational, exciting.

The best thing about where I live is… everything!!! Well except sometimes the weather (4 seasons in 1 morning sometimes!!), but it’s a beautiful part of the world – awesome beaches, hikes, food and a relaxed vibe.

What I do to relax when I’m not working...spend time with my family, at the moment we are planning our eldest daughters wedding at Easter here on our farm. I also love improving myself with education on mindset and positivity, plus developing my other online business!

I can’t live without…My family, they are my world and what keeps me going (although driving me insane at times!!)

The person or traits I most admire is…I am strong and believe in things that I do (although some may call it stubborn), I’ve got your back always.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth educator… that it allows me to further my educational role in helping new families feel more comfortable and confident in the journey they are about to embark on.

If I had to describe my own birth experiences in 3 words…Hard work but totally worth it! I had all c/sections, not through not trying though.

The 3 essential things you need to take with you into labour are…an effective support person/s, your own pillow, open mind!

If I had to describe how seeing a baby being born makes me feel…So happy and filled with joy

A favourite quote… OHHH I have many…. But I like this one at the moment. “If you are tired, sleep. If unclear, meditate. If sore, move. If angry, forgive. If unhappy, love. If bored, give. Common sense is not always common practice and so we suffer.”
Brendan Bouchard

You can follow me at… https://www.facebook.com/mel.scott.338/

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