Rosie lives on a farm with her husband, & two children. It was after doing the Calmbirth program with her partner 5 years ago (before the birth of their first child), that she knew it was something she was passionate to pursue. I knew this was a course for me to bring into the area.

“Calmbirth is empowering, evidence based & gives such practical skills to both the expecting mother & her partner and I so knew that this was a course I wanted to bring into the area where I live. “

My name is…Rosemary Weatherly (Rosie)

I work at…I am currently on Maternity leave from Ballarat Health Services, a mum full time & a part- time Calmbirth educator in Ballarat, Ararat and surrounding area!

What I love most about being a Calmbirth Educator…Empowering the partner just as much as the women about the amazing wonders of the human body.

My life in five words…mother, midwife, educator, farmer, happy.

What I love most about where I live…I have all the space in the world (or so it seems!) to raise my gorgeous children.

The three essential things you need to take with you into labour are..Music, essential oils, labour guide for partner!

What I do to relax when I’m not working is…Socialise! I love a coffee or wine with friends!

If I had to describe my own birth experience in three words I would describe as…Empowering, astonishment, fulfilling.

My Most memorable moment as a Calmbirth Educator is…As I have only been an educator for 18 months, there has been some interesting discussions & questions, but nothing memorable to share.

I can’t live without…Chocolate.

The person I admire most is…My very dear friend who is battling terminal bowel cancer with such determination, positivity & honesty. Her will to raise awareness & funds to help others is beyond astounding.

The best advice I ever got in my life was…To SLOW down & enjoy the small things, for they create the big things.

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