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Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Sue Doogan


Sue Doogan has been a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Maternal & Child Health Nurse for well over 25 years. During this time she has had the privilege of seeing thousands of people make the transition from individuals to parents through their antenatal, birthing, postnatal period right through to their child’s 4th birthday!

“As a Calmbirth Educator, I am truly committed to empowering couples with confidence and knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices that are right for them and their baby. By teaching and empowering people in the antenatal period to be more confident in their own ability, both mentally and physically, I firmly believe this also assists in the baby growing into a more calm and confident human being”. 


My name is…Sue Doogan and I work on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula as a Child & Family Health nurse. Also, each fortnight I offer the Calmbirth program to small groups of participants.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth Educator…It was my work as a C&FH nurse that I decided to pursue a career as a Calmbirth Educator. The whole program spoke to me but in particular Conscious Parenting.

As a nurse/midwife we prepare women to birth their baby, in the scheme of things birth may last a day. Parenting is for the rest of your life but we don’t prepare couples for this! Parenting was part of my C&FH nurse training but we mostly see couples in the postnatal period. My wish is to get the discussion happening between couples before their baby arrives to enhance their relationship with each other and their baby, therefore decreasing stress and tension. As a Calmbirth educator, the program allows me to do this with couples

My life in five words…Happy, Rewarding, Purposeful, Positive and a juggling act some days! (Okay that’s 5 words in itself!!)

What I love most about where I live…It’s the best of both worlds – Part rural, part suburbia. As it’s a peninsula, you don’t have to go far to see the beach and there is some wonderful landscapes on the way there.

The three essential things you need to take with you into labour are…Confidence in your body, your partner and your baby all working together. An open mind for however or whatever way your birth unfolds. Knowledge that however the birth unfolds, is exactly right for you at this time.

What I do to relax when I’m not working is…Spending time with family and friends, living, loving, laughing and sharing a glass of sparkling wine or two!!

My Most memorable moment as a Calmbirth Educator is…When a class participant contacted me after the birth and said, “even though it didn’t all go according to plan, I wasn’t scared – because I kept hearing your voice telling me it will all be okay”. This is why I do what I do – that was music to my ears.

I can’t live without…My family and friends.

The person I admire most is…I’m not sure really! Not one person jumps to mind as I think I admire many people. In everyday life, I think we come across people who overcome great challenges or obstacles that the majority of us could learn a lesson or two from their courage.

The best advice I ever got in my life was…All you need is love. (A good name for a song don’t you think!!)

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