Angela is a mum of 3 beautiful children, and is a qualified and experienced Registered Nurse, Midwife & Calmbirth Educator. She has 20 + years of experience working across the spectrum of pregnancy and birth in low risk country settings to extensive high risk experience in tertiary hospitals in both the public and private sector.

She says, “Being a Midwife is part of the essence of who I am as a person…more so than a job. I have always felt extremely privileged and honoured to be witness and to be a part of the raw emotion that birth is.”

Through this journey and my own journey in this path we call life… I have gained an intense desire to educate and empower couples who are embarking on their journey of  pregnancy and birth. I strongly believe that the power of the mind can have a huge  impact on the way we birth and how we go through everyday life. As a Calmbirth Educator we work with couples to empower them with the knowledge and tools required to create their best birth, in whichever way birth plays out.  

“With Knowledge comes Confidence”

I will be offering weekend courses, as well as private individual courses from my home to accommodate those who are FIFO or can’t make weekends, or would like the flexibility of a private class.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or enquiries.

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Angela Smith


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