This is us!
Well it was 10 months ago! ⠀
With so many new followers lately I just wanted to say a quick “hello” and “thank you”!
Thank you for investing in your own and your families wellbeing. ⠀
Even if it’s just one post that resonates with you I feel extremely fortunate to be able to help.⠀

Sharing my knowledge with you all is something that excites me in my dream that one day birth will be enjoyed & looked forward to rather than feared.⠀

A little bit about me for those of you who want to know…

I’ve been a nurse and midwife for over 10 years, and a Calmbirth educator for 4.⠀

I live on a farm in Western Victoria with these gorgeous people and a Speagle dog called Jett.⠀

I love coffee, beer and chocolate  – Isolation has confirmed this big time! ⠀

Maybe I’m crazy, but I am actually looking forward to having my son home from school for term 2 (maybe check in on me in a couple of weeks time!) ⠀

I’ve had 4 very different births. I’ve had an emergency ceasarean section, forceps, episiotomy, epidural, a very quick labour with no time for anything and a few other things. If you want to hear more about my births check out the birth stories on my website @Babiesballarat

I love the beach, my friends (who I’m missing like crazy) and the colour blue. ⠀

I am not a crazy hippy lady, despite my husband at times calling me one. ⠀

I love birth, babies and all things related. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me for anything – I’m here for you all. Much love, Rosie ⠀




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