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Honouring Optimal Cord Clamping

Birth Preparation

Here is some incredible info from @midwifethinking and @wait4white

“Wait for White” describes an umbilical cord which has completed its natural physiology (ceases pulsation) and is easily facilitated in the majority of births.

Clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord prematurely results in hypovolaemia (reduced blood volume) and is associated with poorer short-term and long-term outcomes:

Short-term (first 24 hours) lower blood volume, lower systolic blood pressure, decreased renal flow, and decreased urine output ie major organs are not optimally functioning

Long-term: lower serum ferritin levels and higher rates of iron deficiency anaemia at 6 months of age; and reduced fine motor function and social development at 4 years of age

​“Wait for White” will ensure all babies get their full quote of stem cells, building blocks for their future from birth until death”.

​Amanda Burleigh RGN RM BSc

Despite optimal cord clamping being ‘best practice’, please have the discussion with your caregiver and absolutely have it on your birth preferences .


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