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I got my VBAC

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Hey Kat!!!! Steve and I attended your Calmbirth course on 19/20 June in the Southern Highlands…just wanted to let you know we had a SUCCESSFUL VBAC!!!! on the 2nd of July and we welcomed a little girl – Alana Mae – a healthy 3.1kg.

I had 1 1/2 days of latent labour, and utilised a lot of Calmbirth techniques…I got to early hours on the Friday and contacted my midi and she suggested staying at home as I didn’t sound too close, but within an hour I called again as I started to panic (forgot all my Calmbirth techniques!! Lol).


Got to the hospital and my midi was really doubtful I was far, but as we knew I had a hindwater leak we decided to do a VE to check progress (I understood the VE meant even if I wasn’t far I’d be pushed to stay at the hospital by an OB as I was a vbac).

I was 5-6cm so she gave me a sweep whilst there – then all hell broke loose and surges became very hard and fast. Within 45mins the baby was born. I kept trying to remember techniques you had taught me, and can remember the definitive time my uterus was involuntary pushing so I went with it.

I got my VBAC Kat…there are no words to describe my empowerment, feelings of peace and feelings of gratitude for your teachings and the support of my midi team and Steve. I feel healed from my Caesar…even though I  felt so out of control that last 45mins, I still feel like I got my happy ending as it was still my birth and my way.

Just wanted to flick you a message and thank you for getting my head in the space…without Calmbirth I don’t think I would have got my VBAC as I had so much self doubt leading up to your course!!!!!

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