Vida Rye and the Calmbirth course got my head in the right space for the birth of my second baby. 

I was very anxious about it after a long and emotionally traumatic birth with my first five years earlier. The Calmbirth course helped me to understand the physiological processes in play during labour, gain clarity about what I needed from my support team during the birth, and most importantly, gave me some relaxation tools I could use to keep myself calm and focused during labour. When the time came, I knew that my main job was to stay relaxed, calm and positive while my body did the work.

I stayed in bed, where I felt safest and calm, and breathed through the contractions, sometimes sleeping in between. My husband helped by keeping the wheat packs hot, reminding me to eat and drink while I was still able to and quietly cheering me on. When the contractions started to feel very painful, we filled up the birth pool and I hopped in. We had some relaxation music playing and low light to make it as cosy as possible.

By the time midwives arrived, I didn’t know it, but I was ready to go. Our second daughter was born in the birth pool at home very soon after they got there. 

The birth of my second child wasn’t any shorter than the first, both labours went for about 16 hours. But the way I experienced them was totally different.

The first I was anxious, terrified of the pain, stuck in freeze mode, waiting for someone to tell me what to do, ending up at hospital with gas that made me feel sick and syntocin to hurry things along, and strangers in the room. The second I had trust in my baby, my body and my partner, I had tools to keep calm, I had set up an environment that was far more conducive to a relaxed birth. The birth was not without pain, but it was without trauma. Having a better second birth was healing and restorative for me, and has had positive flow-on effects for my mental health and my family. I now recommend the Calmbirth course to every pregnant person I meet and am very grateful to Vida for her support during my pregnancy and afterwards.

Thank you for sharing this story Tessa




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