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Labouring at home

Birth Preparation

Even if home isn’t your planned place of birth most women will spend a large proportion of their labour at home. And often your midwife will encourage you to stay at home for as long as you are comfortable to do so before moving to your place of birth!

Home is often your place of safety; it is where we feel most comfortable.

It is private, warm, and cosy.

It is where our oxytocin, aka, our love hormones is responsible for:

  • Starting and maintaining labour
  • Reducing fear and stress
  • Encouraging the body to release these euphoric endorphins which provide natural pain relief.
  • Bonding

Of course, you want to experience all of these benefits during your labour and birth. To work with your body.

So why not labour at home for as long as you are comfortable to do so?

Surrounded by your comforts, by your support people.

Be aware there are variations to this and reasons why your care provider may recommend differently. It is important to therefore have these birth planning discussions with chosen midwives, doctors or doulas ahead of time.

Beautiful moments captured of a couple working so well together in their safe place: @tiarajade_birth

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