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Lilah’s Birth Story (in celebration of her 10th Birthday)

Birth Stories

Ten years ago our lives were blessed with our 2nd Calmbirth baby, Lilah Rose. We have loved watching our little Rose blossom into the strong, resilient, determined, creative, clever, funny, animal loving & kind girl that she is. Keep being you Lilah! You are our little ray of  Sunshine!


At 41 weeks gestation, I had an ARM (my waters broken) and there was lots of meconium.
I was “given”4 hours to begin labour spontaneously, otherwise I was going to be induced with IV Syntocinon. I really didn’t want that to happen. My body had laboured before, I trusted that it could do it again.

After the ARM, I stood under the shower and commenced my calm breathing. I took myself to a place deep within and asked my baby girl if she could now join us, earthside. Moments later, my labour began. It hit me hard. From the very first wave (contraction) I knew this was going to be an intense ride.

The waves were stronger and the pressure was much more intense than my first labour, but I knew what I had to do…stay calm, breathe, move, trust the process and surrender. I used my Calmbirth breathing techniques, the TENS machine and allowed my body to instinctively find its own rhythm and movement.

Over the next four hours, my midwife said that I laboured like a “Birthing Goddess ”. I felt like one too! I was strong, focused and calm. I had to have intermittent CTG monitoring (to check on my baby’s heart rate) due to the meconium and thankfully she was perfectly ok throughout the entire labour

(I believe it was thanks to my breathing and relaxation). When my OB returned at the four hour mark, he was surprised that I was already “fully dilated” and ready to push.

The next 52 minutes were extremely intense. I felt intense pressure and found it quite challenging to push her out. I couldn’t quite understand why my second birth felt harder than my first. Despite how hard it was however, I didn’t once doubt my ability to do it. I never felt the need to ask for help/intervention nor the need for medications. Even though everyone in the room was getting worried at this point (about me and the amount of meconium), I remained calm, gathered all my power and pushed with all that I had. I screamed. Loudly. I did what I had to do…and I did it! Her head was born.

Everything made sense when I looked down at her beautiful, peaceful little face. My baby girl was born “sunny side up”/ direct posterior position. That explained why her labour and birth was more intense (for me anyway). My OB told me to reach down and I delivered my own little baby girl onto my chest. It was bliss! She was here, perfectly pink and healthy (she only needed a little bit of suctioning).

Everything I had just experienced instantly melted away when I held her skin to skin…

Lilah’s birth was intense yet extremely empowering. I found strength inside of me I never knew existed. Birth is incredible. Birthing Mams are amazing. Births can unfold in many different ways. No matter how your birth unfolds, I hope that it is a positive experience. Cass xo


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