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Meet baby Lennon!

Birth Stories

In these crazy times, I just wanted to share some positivity – my third little babe, decided to make his entrance earthside April 15th. 

I had a slow and steady (although intense) early labour from midnight til 04:30. My waters then broke and it was all on from there. 

We almost had a freebirth. My secondary midwife made it with one minute to spare and his head half born. At some point my husband had made the decision to call the ambulance, knowing we’d likely be on our own, so we also had them watching in the background in our living room (with their Covid masks on)! Not exactly part of the plan…But thankfully they really took a back seat as soon as they saw we had everything under control. My primary midwife was on loudspeaker talking to my husband and I.

I caught him myself in the pool, and brought him up through the water at 0550. A completely undisturbed birth 

I am SO grateful for the introduction to Calmbirth when I was pregnant with my first. The skills I learnt have allowed me to bring my 3 babies earthside confidently at home.

This was by far my most challenging birth both physically and psychologically. However, he took me to a place of deep intuitive presence I’ve never experienced before in birth. I still get glass eyed just thinking about it. I had a deep connection with this baby during the labour, felt him moving through my body and felt completely in control of what my body was experiencing. It was honestly magical.

Our other two girls slept through it all and woke to find a baby brother in their living room! We were in two minds about waking them, but in the end I’m glad it was just me, my husband, and our baby working together. It was the intimacy we needed (and didn’t get with my second birth as our first born was present and needed lots of attention). 

The girls were intrigued by the placenta. My eldest had a good play with it and they both helped to cut the cord. 

We are all just over the moon!!

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