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Melinda Webb Shares Her Insights On Birth, Babies & Beyond


Doula and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Melinda Webb Shares Her Insights with Grace Tales On Birth, Babies & Beyond


“Have you woken up feeling like you haven’t slept at all?” asks Melinda Webb, a Chinese medicine practitioner, Doula, Calmbirth educator, mentor and owner of The Birthing Webb in Sydney’s Rozelle…

If you’re a mother, the answer will no doubt be a resounding yes. “Are there days when your body aches? You feel fatigued and no matter what you do, nothing changes? You feel that coffee will bring you to life, and it does for a short time, however, you quickly feel heavy, and foggy in the head,” she continues. That’s a yes from us again. It’s helping women change their energy – or Qi as she now calls it – that inspired a move into not only Chinese medicine but work as a doula. At her clinic, The Birthing Webb, she specialises in working with women and families from preconception to postnatal and beyond. 

Ultimately, she strives to restore her client’s balance – both emotionally and physically.  Here we dive deeper into labour, find out why more about acupuncture and the role of a doula.

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