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Midwife Appointments…What you need to know

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What are they? How do they work? When do they happen?
It very much depends on your chosen model of care.

If you choose to go through the public system with a midwifery model you will likely see a midwife for each appointment.

If you choose to go privately you will see your obstetrician in their rooms for appointment- seeing a midwife along the way depending on how the appointments are set up.

If you choose a homebirth midwife you will meet with that midwife for appointments throughout the pregnancy.

For midwifery care you can expect to see a midwife every few weeks throughout pregnancy!

Commonly this is every 4 weeks in your second trimester and then 2 weekly into your third trimester- becoming more frequent again when you get to and past your (Approximately 5% of babies come on their expected date).

Some of the common things you could expect during a midwife appointment

Check-in each appointment:

  • How you’re feeling
  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • Babies movements
  • Emotional wellbeing

Physical checks:

  • Blood pressure
  • Fundal height- this is done using a measuring tape to determine babies growth. Your midwife will feel for the top of you uterus (fundus) and for the pubic symphysis.
  • Listening to babies heartbeat- with a doppler or pinnard.
  • Discuss any recent blood tests or scans.
  • Education
  • Future planning- appointments, any upcoming investigations.

It is a great idea to write down any questions you think of between appointments so you have a list to discuss during the appointment.

This enables you to get what you need from the time available and feel more prepared.

*These things will likely vary between midwives, model of care, timing of appointment.

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