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My Calmbirth baby nephew

Birth Stories

Jenna Troy is a midwife and one of our very own talented Calmbirth Educators. She is also an extremely proud Aunty who helped support her sister, Lauren birth her baby boy.  Jenna shares with us an intimate account of her nephew’s birth from her perspective as a Calmbirth Educator and from her experience being a midwife. 

My Aunty heart is overflowing! Two weeks ago my sister and brother in law welcomed their second little boy in the ultimate safe, calm and private environment – their home. I am honestly struggling to put into words how amazing it was!! Hence my delay in posting this because I am struggling to capture the magic of what I was so lucky to witness!


I arrived to Loz in the throes of a contraction. The lounge room was golden and sun lit, pots of water boiling on the stove to top up the birth pool, lavender essential oils diffusing, Nath massaging her back and feeding her frozen grapes. She barely noticed me as she was inward and using her Calmbirth rhythmic focused working breath to full effect. Once the surge was over she opened her eyes, smiled and said “you’re here”. There was no place else I would rather be. One of her Midwives arrived soon after and attended some basic obs, checking baby’s heart beat with the Doppler – one of the most beautiful sounds in the world – asked a few questions and then sat out in the sunshine to tend to her paperwork. Serene!

Thirty minutes later the waves of her contractions were becoming longer, stronger and closer together. I suggested she hop into the bath as I know how powerful water immersion is for her. It allowed her to relax even more deeply between while Nath stayed close, holding her hands and whispered words of love and encouragement. I helped by placing cool washers on her and using a Konjac sponge to gently massage her face and neck, like a mini facial (can’t recommend this enough!).

A further 30 minutes passed (mind you I am referring to the times in my photo gallery because time was irrelevant at this point) and it was evident that she hit transition with a change in vocal sounds and breathing rhythm. My midwifery-trained ears pricked up as if to say “ahhh, yes! Baby is coming” and so too did the ears of her primary homebirth Midwife who just arrived. Their presence was so subtle, gentle and they were quiet observers, standing back and just letting her birth unfold. We exchanged this knowing look and I felt so grateful to them for their wisdom and experience in undisturbed birth. Every fibre of my being knew that this was exactly how things were meant to be. After a little more time and every passing wave with more purpose than the last, I could see that Nath wanted to be closer to her, and soon their baby. I encouraged him to slip into the pool with her and that was all he needed, what they needed. She visibly relaxed even more deeply into his arms. That is the power of connection and the very reason why birthing women need support of their loved ones around them – it is everything in these moments!


Then came the overwhelming and involuntary urge to bare down. There is so much magic when a woman instinctively works with her body. Surrendering to the sensations. The midwife took over from my hand holding so I could document their water birth for them, capturing his gentle entrance into the world. Nath slowly brought baby up and out of the water and happy tears filled the room. A boy! A beautiful baby boy who pinked up before our eyes and let out the sweetest cry as if to say, I am here!

I’ll never forget these moments and many more than a simple word count on here will allow. Baby Rayen’s birth will forever be one of the highlights of my life. I didn’t think I could love Loz and Nath any more if I tried but it turns out my heart further expanded that day. I am blessed with another precious little nephew!

Two nights I was able to stay for and I felt it was important to nourish them with warm and healing foods, entertain Tali and alleviate them of basic household tasks like cleaning so they could immerse themselves in their newborn bubble. I didn’t feel ready to leave them and cried (then cried some more) because it was so incredibly special to be with them. I am fairly sure I absorbed Lozza’s baby blues for her 🤣 but my own little ones needed me so I had to go. How grateful I am though! I think I am still riding cloud 9!! So Thankyou doesn’t quite cut it Loz, my beautiful birthing sister goddess and Nath, space holder and ultimate support team! Love love love you guys!! X






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