Story by Steve and Elouise

Thank you Sally for being an amazing educator! Steve and I have been singing the praises of Calmbirth to all our friends and family since the birth. My midwife was also impressed saying that we had a really good birth. We wish you all the best with it all.

After contracting regularly all day at 10pm Friday night they started to get more intense so I called the hospital midwife to say I was ready to call my midwife in and head to the birth suite.

The hospital midwife didn’t believe I was acting like a woman in active labour and tried to discourage me saying “I’m sorry but you don’t look like a woman who’s about to give birth”.

Being my first birth I began to question myself but glad that in the end I insisted. When my midwife arrived shortly after I was past 6cm dilated. My husband and I laugh about it now but just think this speaks volumes for the Calmbirth techniques.

During the pushing I just kept focusing on how excited I was to meet my little girl. I birthed on the table and at 3:10am Saturday morning, Abigail Kathryn Maree Smith made her appearance. For the entire 5 hours in the birth suite my husband didn’t once stop counting for my breathing and was an absolute rockstar that I couldn’t have done without.

My midwife later told me how impressed she was at how well we worked together as a team.




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