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Natasha & Zamil’s Labour of LOVE…

Birth Stories

Zamil and I wanted to let you know we were blessed with a beautiful girl, Saira, on Sunday 7 February and she is doing absolutely amazing. We decided to go with an induction to help ensure a smooth delivery.  After the gel was applied on Saturday evening my waters naturally broke on Sunday morning which was very exciting as this marked the beginning of our labour of love.

With Zamil by my side counting our breaths, using pressure points and touch sensations and Calmbirth breathing techniques I got through 12 hours of labour, and up to 9cm dilated using all you taught us and only a Tens machine for pain relief.  We were ecstatic that the Calmbirth techniques we practiced so much were working. 

After a few hours, Saira had still not dropped and felt a bit swollen.  And after trying all we could to deliver her vaginally, we made the decision to have a C section whilst we were all calm and safe and sending lots of love to our baby. She was born at a healthy weight and at that point, we realised she had moved into the posterior position hence why she had not dropped. Throughout the day and whatever came our way we remained calm and so focused on keeping bub and myself safe and can’t be more thankful for having done the Calmbirth course with you which got us through the day.

Thank you so much Suzanne!  We have such immense gratitude for having been able to learn what we could from you.  Your Calmbirth lessons taught us so many techniques that gave us strength and empowerment to know we could manage labour and birth of our daughter in such a calm way and using our mental and internal capability first.

Our care team were in awe and super proud of our team work during the whole process.  The obstetrician and anesthetist couldn’t believe what they had witnessed!

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