Nitrous oxide is a gas that we breath in, which we can use in labour to help take the edge off the peak of the contraction.


The gas has a very short half life, (which means it leaves the body’s system quickly), and is a great option as it is a medication that doesn’t cross through the placenta to your baby! 

Some women can find themselves feeling a little nauseous with the gas, but mostly women find it a great tool to help them continue to breath and concentrate on hearing the rattle of the machine throughout the contraction.

It is really important to know that it takes a couple of breaths to reach peak concentration. Therefore remember to start breathing on the gas as you start to feel the sensation of the contraction so that by the time you are at the peak the gas has kicked in 

Tell me, did it work for you in labour?

Thanks for the pic @rewildherbirth 





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