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Not everything went to Plan A…

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Welcome Little Lenny, “not everything went to Plan A, but I felt Strong and Confident and I am so Proud of the labour and birth I had even though I needed an induction. . . . .


Thank you so very, very much Dawn for the wonderful Calmbirth course you ran via Zoom in August. My partner Dave and I both learnt such a lot and were able to put many of the learnings into play during what turned out to be a challenging last few weeks of my otherwise ‘totally unremarkable’ and smooth pregnancy.
We’re so pleased to let you know that: 

Little Lenny was born at 10.59pm on Friday 29 October. 3.083kg. 52cm long. He has ‘froggy’ legs, kissable lips, and a touch of ginger in his hair. We love him loads already. 

We didn’t quite ‘go to Holland’ during the labour/birth but we definitely did have to change our birth preferences at the 11th hour. 
All smooth sailing until around 35 weeks when the caregivers started to worry about the size of my bump (good old static fundal height) and grew concerned that the Bub may be growth restricted. I’m quite tall, so I’m pretty sure he was hiding in plain sight. Anyhow. After a few sessions at foetal monitoring and a discussion with a doctor at 38 weeks, it was agreed that we would be induced at 39 weeks. I used the Calm Breath when I was being monitored, and checked, to keep as calm as possible and it really helped! 

I felt really strong and confident going into the induction and I’m really proud of the labour/birth I had. As they ramped up the oxytocin, I used a TENS and just moved and breathed through about 12.5 of the 14 hours we spent in labour. Right at the end Lenny become a bit distressed so they took me off the TENS and popped a clip on his head. It was at that point that I used some gas and air to get from 9cm to 10cm. I was able to relax fully between pushes just by breathing and repeating my little mantra (Surrender and Open) and Lenny was eventually born with the help of a vacuum. Despite this late intervention, I feel really proud that I managed it all without the need for an epidural. I don’t think I’d have been able to achieve this (especially with an induction) without what I learnt from the Calmbirth course and practiced daily up until B-Day.

I’ve also been listening to the Calmbirth tracks, postpartum, to try and relax and unwind when I’m resting (finding day naps hard, but shutting my eyes and listening is rejuvenating). 

Thank you so much again. From the three of us


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