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Oliver’s Calm and gentle birth…

Birth Stories

Story by Sarah & Zaine

Here is how he gently entered the world…

My waters broke at midday & I had meconium stained liquor. I was asked to call back an hour later then further advised to come into the hospital. We set up our room and got ready to meet our baby. We discussed with the midwife our preferences and they were incredible.


I tried to stay as active as possible however the remote CTG monitoring kept on dropping out which made it hard to get in the shower or bath.

At roughly 1830 our baby had put himself in a position that meant I only had pain through my suprapubic region and no matter what position I was in the pain wouldn’t subside.

Zaine tried acupressure, massage, positioning to assist and it helped immensely. I requested to start nitrous and it eased for a very short period of time before increasing in severity.

I requested an epidural which only worked in my left leg. For me that was perfect. I still had sensation in my right hand side so could still feel the contractions but the pain was now bearable. It allowed me to use techniques to work with it rather then feeling overwhelmed.

At midnight the contractions started to become more intense and I felt as though our baby had found their way into the right position and that pushing wasn’t too far away. A VE confirmed I was in tune with my body – I was fully dilated and the best bit was to come.

I lay on my side with the peanut ball, took deep breaths and only pushed when I had the feeling I needed to.

I birthed our baby silently by focusing on my breathing and Zaine applying acupressure.

I have to say I’m still blown away that our baby boy arrived so calmly thanks to your guidance and teaching of Calmbirth.

I felt so empowered throughout my pregnancy and labour. Knowing that Zaine was also in my team and he had the tools to know how to best support me made this incredible.

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