Karen McClay


Karen McClay is the Director of Calmbirth® PTY LTD. She is also a Southern Highlands Calmbirth Educator, practising Registered Midwife (RM), and a Registered Nurse (RN) and is the daughter of the founder of Calmbirth® , Peter Jackson.

Calmbirth® specialises in providing couples with childbirth education classes and Karen has followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a childbirth expert leading the way in childbirth education, training and research in Australia and internationally. Karen is a highly experienced Calmbirth® educator having seen over 1700 couples complete the Calmbirth® program since 2009. She is taking Calmbirth to the next level by continually evolving it and incorporating it into the antenatal structure of as many maternity hospitals in Australia.

Karen has a passion for sharing her knowledge and experience with pregnant couples and caregivers, and she’s doing her bit to change how our society and cultures views and experiences birth.

Karen says, “I feel we are making such an enormous contribution to changing the way couples experience birth in our society. Not only does our program help to reduce unnecessary interventions, but most importantly our couples speak far more positively about their birth experiences, no matter how their birth unfolds. I am proud of the fact that Calmbirth is helping to change birth outcomes and experiences here in Australia and abroad.”

Karen believes the Calmbirth® program restores our faith in the wonderment of childbirth and the vital role a family unit plays in having a positive birth experience.

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Karen says, “Calmbirth believes having a baby is the most precious moment in your life and it should be treated with respect, honesty and a sense of security – a woman and her partner should feel safe, private and supported. Calmbirth’s goal is to educate and improve the birthing outcomes for all women and their families not just physically but emotionally as well.

“I believe when we learn how to embrace birth as a natural part of life and not fear it, and stay connected by working together as a family, then not only will unnecessary intervention rates be reduced but the way we experience and talk about birth will be far more positive and empowering for future generations of families”.

By attending Karen’s classes, couples come away with not only a thorough theoretical knowledge of birth, but also highly effective practical skills, ideas and techniques to assist them with their own individual birth journeys and in life. Karen is dedicated to supporting couples with their choices about birth and in assisting them to work together as a family unit to welcome their baby calmly, safely and confidently into the world.

Peter Jackson


The founder of Calmbirth®, Peter Jackson, is one of Australia’s first childbirth educators to revolutionise childbirth education with his program.

Successfully operating since 2004, Peter is internationally recognised for his success in changing and continually improving childbirth education in Australia and abroad. He offers over 40 years’ experience in General, Midwifery and Psychiatric disciplines of nursing in Sydney and NSW regional hospitals and has seen over 2,500 Calmbirth® couples over the years. Peter is also an expert of mind – body medicine training with the Brice-Wright School of Subconscious Mind therapy.

He is a mind – body practitioner with extensive knowledge and understanding of the mind and how it works. In particular, the role it plays in dictating perceptions in life and in birth, which then adjusts physiology.  His background in this therapeutic medicine means he understands the connection and power between the emotional, physical and mental state and its significant role in the birthing process.

Peter Jackson has witnessed mothers whose experience of childbirth was one of fear, anxiety and trauma. Peter knows nature did not get it wrong. He knows women’s bodies are designed for having babies and that a labouring mother’s experience should be filled with a sense of empowerment and confidence. Peter knows it is possible to have a calm beginning to your baby’s life.

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“With knowledge comes confidence. The answer lies in the couple’s preparation, education and skills in childbirth, while embracing and being aware of the mind- body connection to have a better and more positive birth experience”.