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Parents Support Services


Here is list of some very useful and supportive organisations for Parents.

The Red Tent Health Centre

Information and health services for Women and their Families. 

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Provides parenting services in areas such as: sleep, feeding, routines, adjusting to parenting, depression and anxiety to name a few. 

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Tresilian is an organisation that provides advice and tips on: newborn, baby, toddler, settling, breastfeeding, nutrition, sleep, bathing & massage and teething to name a few.   

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Parents At Work

Parents at Work is a world leading provider of education and coaching services for workplaces, parents, carers and leaders.

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Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families is the voice for and champion of LGBTIQA+families and prospective parents in NSW. Their support network is run for the community by the community – The Rainbow Families are volunteer-powered. They exist to advocate for, empower and celebrate the love and support that every individual is entitled to.

The mission of Rainbow Families is to build a community which fosters resiliency by connecting, supporting and empowering LGBTIQA+ families.

What makes a Rainbow family?

A Rainbow family is a same-sex or LGBTIQA+ parented family. At Rainbow Families, they define a Rainbow family as any lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex person who has a child or children; or is planning on having a child or children by way of donor insemination (known or unknown), surrogacy (altruistic or commercial), foster care, fostering to adoption, adoption (domestic or international), opposite­ sex relationship, co-parenting or other means.

What They do? 

They provide support and resources to members of the LGBTIQA+ community so that they and their families can live their best and most colourful lives. They host events that connect LGBTIQA+ families, particularly those that are feeling isolated because of social pressures, financial difficulty or where they live. They advocate on behalf of our community and are a strong and consistent voice for NSW LGBTIQA+ families to address discrimination, raise awareness and promote acceptance. They collaborate with similar organisations from other states to push for change across the nation.

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The Gidget Foundation

Gidget Foundation is made up of a dedicated group of health professionals, parents, friends, family members, and supporters – all of whom share a passion for raising awareness of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety.

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COPE – Centre of Perinatal Excellence.

Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to reducing the impacts of emotional and mental health problems in the pre and postnatal periods.

Their history and foundations are underpinned by extensive research and best practice.  Building upon this, COPE provides a national, dedicated focus to perinatal mental health to address the identified issues that we know are currently preventing people from accessing timely and effective information and care.

Through their corporate objectives and governance, COPE works with others to achieve our purpose. Their work to date has been made possible through the invaluable financial and probono contributions of our partners.

Calmbirth invites you to join us and also support them as we work together to improve the lives of the many thousands of families currently affected by these debilitating and often devastating conditions.

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