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Poppy’s calmbirth

Birth Stories

I have had a the most positive birth experience with my daughter Poppy. After attending the Calmbirth course I felt to be in the best headspace I could be. For the first time I had complete faith in my body and my ability to birth my baby.

I had the most wonderful support around me. I felt loved, cared for and listened to. I knew I could do it and that was what made the difference. My last few births I had so much fear… this time I didn’t. My beautiful baby girl was born after 2.5hrs of labour.

My partner, my mum, my midwives, my sister, my mother in law, and my 3 older children were all around and the excitement in the room was something I will never forget. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank YOU Calmbirth! 

These breath taking birth photos were taken by Erica Massingham Photography.  

Erica Massingham photography

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