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Possums For Parents With Babies – Leaders in innovative and evidence based care for mothers and their babies.


Knowledge Revolution In The Care Of New Families

We are so thrilled to announce our collaboration with Possums For Parents With Babies where we will be working together to provide families with the latest evidence based information and care on issues such as baby sleep and breastfeeding.  In addition, parents will be able to access information about all the other services available from Possums including clinical and peer support they may need once they bring their babies home.


Possums is a non for profit organisation and charity founded by Australian doctor and academic Dr Pamela Douglas, who developed Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or ‘the Possums programs’),  offering science-based approaches to the common early life challenges of breastfeeding, baby sleep, cry/fuss problems and parental mood.

She says, “Possums is the antithesis to traditional sleep training. It uses a ‘cued care’ approach, making sure babies get plenty of sensory stimulation during the day, feeding on demand and letting sleep simply take care of itself.”

The Possums Programs aims to protect the rapidly developing infant brain and gut during the critical antenatal period and first 12 months of life, and supports parents’ mental health and psychological resilience during this challenging though rewarding time.

NDC is delivered by NDC accredited health professionals, of whom there is a growing number offering services in Australia – click here to find someone qualified in NDC near you!

Unlike other approaches to early life care, NDC uniquely acknowledges the interrelatedness of breastfeeding and infant feeding, sleep, baby’s sensory-motor and social needs, cry-fuss behaviours, and parental mood, offering innovative, state-of-the-art support in each domain.

“What we love about Possums is that it’s evidence based. The information they provide to new parents is based on research and offers extremely helpful and practical strategies for parents to follow. We love that it helps parents set more realistic expectations about parenthood and how to deal with the emotional challenges of their transition to becoming new parents. ” says Calmbirth Director, Karen McClay.

Their holistic approach is built upon peer-reviewed and published theoretical foundations, developed from over 15 years of interdisciplinary research collaborations. By consulting with NDC accredited health professionals, parents avoid fragmentation of care and conflicting advice.

Debbie Spink, Board member and PIPPS Manager at Possums says, ‘We are so pleased that Karen and her team at Calmbirth are providing antenatal education that is not only evidence-based, but acknowledges the importance of emotional wellbeing across their content. We are incredibly grateful to be entering this collaboration with Calmbirth and are excited to think that there will be many families who will experience a journey through the perinatal period receiving aligned, evidence based information and support through their connection with Calmbirth and Possums.’

For more information about Possum for Parents with Babies, their services and or to become a PIPPS member, go to: https://possumsonline.com



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