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Practice makes Permanent

Birth Preparation

One of things we talk a lot about in Calmbirth is that Practice makes Permanent. This means that through our practice we create habits of doing (& thinking) and then the things that we practice become automatic and easy for us to do (& think). And the biggest tool that we encourage our couples to ‘make permanent’ is the Relaxation Response.  


The benefits that couples gain by practicing our Calmbirth Relaxations daily are huge such as:

  1. Helping them to change their relationship to stress which in-turn means that they will be able to respond and work with the stress of labour and birth (& life in general), rather than react negatively to it.
  2. Helping them to reframe their habits of thinking (their beliefs and perceptions) around birth so that they will move into birth feeling confident and positive at all levels (consciously and subconsciously).
  3. And when in labour, because they will have practiced this to the point of being a habit, all it will take is closing their eyes, coming to their breath and immediately they will be able to create a state of relaxation in their bodies and minds, conserving their energy and creating the environment for birth to unfold far more comfortably and efficiently.

And we see these benefits for couples coming to fruition time and time again from all the amazing feedback and stories we get from our Calmbirth couples who made the time to practice and create their new habits of doing and thinking. 

So, once you have attended your Calmbirth Program, make sure that you download your Calmbirth Relaxations and practice, so that your practice makes permanent.

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