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What is the Calmbirth® course outline?

Arrive at 9:15 for 9:30 start and ends at 6pm. It is a 12-hour program run over a weekend or 4 evenings, or if attending a Calmbirth course in a hospital it conducted on two consecutive Sundays. The focus of Calmbirth® is on educating couples on all areas of birth. It teaches couples and provides them with practical skills and techniques to work with during birth, in order to empower couples to let go of their fear and anxiety to allow them to have a positive and Calmbirth® experience.

The course outline is:

  1. Understanding the psychology of birth and how your mental state, thoughts and beliefs leading up to and on the day not only dictates your experience of birth, but also the way your body works with labour and birth.
  2. The physiology of birth…how does your body give birth.
  3. Tools, techniques and practical skills to assist you mentally and physically
  4. The role of the partner and what they can do to help – they too are provided with their own ‘toolbox’ for birth
  5. Preparation for all birth journeys – working with intervention.
  6. Conscious parenting – ensuring you are aware of the role your baby plays and the role you are playing in assisting your baby into the world.
Do I need to bring anything?

No, just yourselves.

Depending upon where you will be attending Calmbirth, for example, if you are attending a Calmbirth program in a hospital you may be required to bring your own pillow. 

We recommend couples wear comfortable clothes.

Can I claim a Calmbirth® course through my health insurance?
Some major Health Care Providers do cover the Calmbirth program and rebates are available, but you will need to contact them to find out if you are eligible for rebates. 
What if I need to cancel?

Cancellation of Booking for a Course

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the need to cancel or reschedule, it is expected that individuals take the responsibility and accountability to appropriately communicate to Calmbirth Pty Ltd to make alternate arrangements.

Southern Highlands, Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN), North Shore Private Hospital & the Mater Hospital Classes.The amount of $495 of the $550 payment will be refunded for cancellations for course bookings, which take place at least 4 weeks before the course date. If the booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the course date, this same amount will be reimbursed if the cancelled place is filled before the due date. Calmbirth Pty Ltd will make all effort to find a replacement couple to fill the cancelled place. The balance withheld covers credit card, bank and administration charges incurred with cancellation and re advertising the couples place in the course. The reimbursed fee will be refunded to the credit card used to secure the booking. Please take every care to attend to the course on the day you are booked in. We respect difficult circumstances and will extend kindness and assistance wherever possible to enable you to attend. We do NOT offer refunds for change of mind. 

In the event that 2 weeks prior to a scheduled class date, the number of fully paid couples is not the number required by the SAN or North Shore Private Hospital & Mater Hospitals to conduct the course the course will be cancelled. Calmbirth Pty Ltd will contact the couples booked into the cancelled course and reschedule to a workable date for the couple and Calmbirth Pty Ltd. Priority will be given to rescheduling couples to SAN & North Shore Private Hospital & the Mater Hospital courses. In the event that a SAN & North Shore Private Hospital and Mater Hospital date is unsuitable for the couple, Calmbirth Pty Ltd may, at its sole discretion, arrange facilitation by another Calmbirth educator. If a course cannot be found to the satisfaction of the booked couple, the fee of $550 will be fully refunded.

Calmbirth Pty Ltd endeavour to be reasonable, fair, honest and just in their business dealings. They do expect this to be reciprocated by the attendees of their courses.

Calmbirth Pty Ltd will ensure you have a confirmation email when registering for a course. An email including directions to either the Calmbirth venue in Mittagong, SAN in Wahroonga, North Shore Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital will also be sent 1 week prior to your course date. If confirmation that you have received the email has not been received this will be followed up buy a pone call. It is solely your responsibility to remember your course dates and details and to follow up on any concerns or queries. You are most welcome to telephone or email the Calmbirth Head Office on (02) 4871 1806 or log onto

What if unexpectedly need to change course dates?

Providing that couples have entirely paid for their program, Calmbirth® will require a minimum of 4 weeks notice to try to accommodate this.  As our courses fill up quickly Calmbirth® will always try to endeavour to change your dates but know that this may not always be possible.

What if my partner doesn’t want to do the course with me or can’t attend?

We always encourage couples to come together because it’s about the connection. The connection between you and your partner, your baby, your body and the family unit you will become. However, in the event that your partner can’t come, it’s still vital that you bring along a birth support person such as your mother, friend or even a Doula if you wish. Calmbirth® encourages the presence of a partner/birth support person during all of its classes regardless of age, culture, socio-economic or sexual orientation. Our classes are invaluable to contributing  to the wellbeing of its couples and the preparation for the birth of their baby.

It is always ideal to bring the person who will be your main support at birth to Calmbirth®, but circumstances change for some people, so never feel that although your situation may have changed that you have to miss out, just arrange another support person for yourself.

What if I find out I’m having a caesarean will Calmbirth® still help me?

Absolutely yes. Calmbirth® is not designed for couples that are just having vaginal births. Calmbirth® believes that in instances intervention may be necessary so will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to use before and after you undergo your caesarean. As all the techniques and principles learnt are all applicable to any birth regardless of how the birth presents itself and are life skills that you can use everyday.

What if I’ve already done another childbirth antenatal class at the hospital, can I still do a Calmbirth® course?

It’s still OK to do a Calmbirth® course even if you’ve done another birthing prenatal course, as each course is different and taught differently, so you will still greatly benefit from the unique, unbiased and holistic approach to childbirth education that Calmbirth® has to offer. Calmbirth® will educate you on everything you need to know about pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as give you tools to use on the day of your birth regardless of how your birth unfolds. We also emphasise the importance of the connection between the mind and body in birth, as well as the importance to connect with yourself, your baby and your partner. Calmbirth® will give you the skills to focus on these connections, and forge stronger bonds with each other and your baby. Hospital prenatal classes can greatly benefit and complement the Calmbirth® program because it will focus on what’s available for you at their hospital, as well as being a great induction to familiarise yourself with the birthing suite.

What if the course is full?

You need to still ring and or email us with your details, so that we can put you on a waiting list for that class on those dates, as sometimes things come up and couples have had to rearrange their dates, so a space becomes available.

Can I do the Calmbirth® course in any of the maternity hospitals as part of their ante-natal classes?

Absolutely! Presently, Calmbirth® is leading the way in both private and public maternity hospitals in offering an alternate childbirth education program. It is currently being offered and run by Calmbirth® educators at the:

Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN) in Sydney
Royal Randwick Hospital for Women in Sydney
North Shore Private Hospital, North Sydney
The Mater Hospital, North Sydney
Sutherland Hospital, Sutherland
Nepean Hospital, Nepean
John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle
Northern Beaches Hospital, Frenchs Forest, and 
Auckland District Hospital, Auckland New Zealand

How many weeks pregnant do you need to be to do the course? Why this time frame?

Calmbirth® recommends that you come anywhere from 24-34 weeks gestation. If you are feeling particularly anxious we suggest you come earlier, but usually this time frame is recommended as it gives the couple plenty of time to prepare, reflect and practice the different tools and techniques they will learn in the program.

How is Calmbirth® different to other childbirth education programs?

Calmbirth® is a highly acclaimed, evidence based and scientifically proven childbirth education program leading the way in childbirth education, training and research since 2004 in Australia and abroad. Calmbirth® provides couples with knowledge and practical skills to empower them to positively and confidently birth their babies regardless of how their birth unfolds.

Over 20,000 couples have attended a Calmbirth® program since 2008. It has been designed in collaboration with experts from the birthing and mind -body disciplines and is run by trained and experienced birth professionals who attend couples at birth every day. So we know about birth better than anyone else because we have been on the birth room floors everyday for over 40 years.

The Calmbirth® program is based on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics. It is also the program that GP’s and obstetricians highly recommend.

When is the next Calmbirth® Educator Training?

If you have missed this year’s Calmbirth® educator training, log on and register your interest by providing us with your details for next year’s training via the link below

Educators Registration

What if I have a medical history?

If you have any medical concerns please ring your local GP or Obstetrician as Calmbirth® is not in a position to give out medical advice relating to your pregnancy.

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