I was very excited to contribute to Megan’s blog this month – we talk all things preparing for birth, Calmbirth and my own birth experiences.

Megan is a wonderful Women’s Health Physio in Ballarat @kindredphysio

I met Megan when I was having some trouble with blocked milk ducts and trying to avoid mastitis – she was so easy to talk to, caring and super knowledgable!

I talk to all my clients about the importance of having a Women’s Health Physio in your ‘village’ to support you through pregnancy and postpartum, regardless of how you birth, they’re so valuable and important in your recovery.

So get comfy with a cuppa (or two) as you might know by now I LOVE to share but don’t love keeping to a word count

I hope you find it valuable and enjoy reading as much as I loved writing it, and a very big thanks to Megan for the opportunity.
Xx Lauretta

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