Calmbirth® for Caregivers and Allied Health

“Understanding the Psychology of Birth and the importance of creating a Calmbirth Environment”

Watch your intervention rates decline when you implement Calmbirth®, Australia’s most acclaimed and leading childbirth antenatal education program into your hospitals, and see the positive changes and powerful influence you will make for future generations to birth calmly, safely and confidently.

Calmbirth’s rapid growth since its inception in 2004 is leading the way in childbirth education, training and ongoing research in Australia and around the world. The Calmbirth® program is founded on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics, so it is clinically and scientifically proven. As a result, Calmbirth® has been recognised by the birthing institutions as one of the most holistic, thorough and collaboratively designed course that addresses all the needs of birthing couples on an emotional and physical level.

“I loved this workshop. It reinforces and explains clearly the things I have been trying to incorporate into my practice everyday. Encouraging and motivational.”

Topics Covered Include:

  • The power of beliefs and the role they play in the experience of birth
  • The mind – body connection and birth: how it can work for or against the physiology of birthing
  • Language and birth
  • The breath: a powerful tool for labour and birth
  • Tools for creating a calmbirth environment

The Calmbirth® workshops for Caregivers and Allied Health are facilitated by the Director of Calmbirth®, Karen McClay, and the Founder of Calmbirth®, Peter Jackson.

Cost for 1 day Caregiver and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Workshops

For midwives or other allied health professionals $250

For University Students $150

For Hospitals $3000. For Hospitals to register and book a workshop please email

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The Calmbirth® organisation has been the first to create and consolidate strong partnerships with private and public maternity hospitals in Australia in successfully incorporating the Calmbirth® program into their antenatal structure.

“As caregivers, it is vital for us to understand this concept and powerful interaction of the mind and body, so that we can facilitate better and more positive birth outcomes, not just physically but also emotionally for the families we care for.”

The Calmbirth® workshop for caregivers and allied health professionals aims to provide midwives, medical staff and allied health with a holistic and scientifically proven approach to maternity care.

The principles and skills presented during the workshop focuses around the exploration and teaching of the mind – body connection and its powerful influence on pregnancy, labour and birth.

“Birth stories told by women who were active participants in giving birth often express a good deal of practical wisdom, inspiration, and information for other women.

“Positive stories shared by women who have had a wonderful childbirth experience are an irreplaceable way to transmit knowledge of a woman’s true capacities in pregnancy and birth.” Ina May Gaskin.