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Debbie Peters

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  • Address124 Vodanovich Road
  • Te Atatu South
  • Auckland, 0610

Bio I am a mum and certified Calmbirth® Educator, who successfully used the relaxation techniques for the birth of my daughter Waimarie (9lb 6oz) without any need for drugs. The techniques I learned meant I remained calm and focused on birthing my baby. By remaining relaxed I had energy to push when it was required. I was calmly 'together' and in control when receiving instructions from my midwives during birthing. I am sure having a calm birth has helped shape Waimarie into the happy, relaxed child she is today. I think discovering this was the best gift I could have given my baby. My goal is to help you build confidence in your body's natural abilities so you and your baby can achieve a satisfying, safe and calm birth. Comments from a few couples I've worked with. "The birth was amazing - with our Calmbirth® lessons really helping to make it a magical experience. Bridget was so calm and in control." - Graeme & Bridget, 1st baby, induced vaginal birth. "We are sure that it was the breathing that has made her into such a lovely, healthy, calm baby. We are all so grateful to have been given the opportunity to have done the course and we tell anyone who is interested in the Calmbirth® technique, the benefits speak for themselves." - Stephen & Elena, 2nd baby, caesarean birth.   "A wonderful experience. We listened to our Calmbirth® CD and put it on repeat. Sal gave birth in the pool naturally without intervention or pain relief. With a few pushes baby Lucy was delivered into the water. She came out wide eyed with a lovely happy smile on her face. We're all doing well and feeling like we've been blessed with a beautiful experience that we'll never forget." - Sally & Sol, 1st baby, natural vaginal water birth. I run classes in Waiheke and Auckland New Zealand Come, relax and enjoy!

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