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Eslana Lower

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  • OccupationRN, 3rd Yr Student Midwife and Calmbirth Educator
  • AddressGC Calmbirth
  • Currumbin Waters
  • QLD, 4223

Bio I am a Registered Nurse and mother of four and have a passion for helping women and their partners create better birth experiences. Our bodies were made to birth babies... Why then do we allow this major life event to become so medicalised? Don't get me wrong- there is absolutely a time and place for medical intervention and thank goodness we have access to such resources in the event they are necessary. However for most, birth can and should be viewed and experienced as a natural physiological event or process... One to be enjoyed and embraced rather than feared. By addressing her/their fears surrounding labour and birth a woman/couple can approach birth feeling confident and empowered. Calmbirth is an investment in your pregnancy and childbirth journey... One that will allow preparation for ALL possibilities so that regardless of the mode of birth parents can walk away from their experience with a sense of accomplishment and feeling that it was the best possible experience. Your baby only takes their first breath once... Make their entrance into this world memorable for all the right reasons. For more information on how YOU can invest in your childbearing journey contact me today ?

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