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Jenny Childs

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  • Mobile0421 827 228
  • OccupationCalmbirth Educator
  • Address16a Pile St
  • Dulwich Hill
  • NSW, 2203

Bio In my twenty years as a midwife I have assisted and witnessed hundreds of beautiful births. I have also seen many women and their partners who are very afraid of birth and the effects of that fear. I wanted to find a way for women to learn about the resources they have within them, to help them understand what a wonderful and transformative experience birth can be.   I studied Masters in Midwifery and taught antenatal classes for some time, but did not feel satisfied that the classes truly connected women and their partners with their inner potential. The classes really only looked at what was happening in the outside world and although worthy, did not address what was happening and could happen internally.   Calmbirth® is a wonderfully practical means to do just that. It shows you what you are capable of and gives you the tools to achieve whatever it is you wish for in birth. It is very simple and easy to understand and it serves the woman, her partner and the baby as a basis for the birth experience and for many years to come as a family. It evokes a positive birth experience, whatever road in birth you wish to travel.   I am based in the inner west of Sydney and travel regularly to the far south coast in and around the Bega Valley.   Contact me if you would like to find out how Calmbirth® can give you the tools, Knowledge and confidence to enhance your potential in birth.

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