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Kate Moroney

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  • Mobile0408 569 539
  • OccupationMidwife
  • Address11 Waters Road
  • Shepparton
  • VIC, 3630

Bio My name is Kate, I am passionate about families and their health, in particular women’s health and wellbeing.  I have been in the health profession for 15 years working across a broad spectrum of areas including emergency, women’s health, nursing education and most recently midwifery.  I have managed to balance my passion in health with having my own children and home life. The Calmbirth course is a gentle approach for a couple that is designed to prepare them for labour, birth and early parenting.  It allows each couple to individually prepare for their own experience based on knowledge and skills learned from the Calmbirth course in conjunction with supporting each couple with their choices to assist with any challenges that may arise.  Calmbirth offers so many solutions for couples seeking the ultimate childbirth preparation course. The course content is a delight to present to the couples who attend my courses, as we delve into the possibilities and wonders of calm, joyful childbirth.   I offer the Calmbirth course in small group classes over the weekend.  Please phone or email me for course dates.

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