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Kim Castle

  • Mobile0439 368 498
  • OccupationRegistered Midwife & Nurse
  • Address19 Beldale Ct
  • Berwick
  • VIC, 3806

Bio Hello and welcome! ​My name is Kim. I’m a registered midwife & registered nurse with a combined 13 years of experience. I'm also the mother of two beautiful young boys. I have seen over and over through my work as a midwife, women coming into labour incredibly fearful, anxious and stressed. These feelings not only have a detrimental effect on the mother’s experience of labour and birth, often they have a very real physiological impact - including the labour not progressing well, increased need for pain relief and increased intervention. When we come back to basics, this is not surprising. When we are fearful our mind is telling our body that we are not safe. A woman in labour needs to feel safe and needs confidence & trust in her body’s ability to birth her baby. I love that after attending a Calmbirth class, a woman can move from a place of fear and apprehension to one of confidence - where she has the knowledge and skills to work with her body in labour and not against it. Calmbirth classes are also wonderful for the partner/support person because it equips them with effective and practical tools to support the mother both emotionally and physically. However it unfolds on the ‘big’ day, together they can create a positive birth experience - be it a natural birth or caesarean. For a couple bringing their baby into the world, this can lay a great foundation to the adventure of becoming parents. On a personal level, I’ve also been ‘on the other side’ myself. The births of both of my sons (in 2014 and 2016) were incredibly positive experiences, and I credit that to the skills and confidence gained by attending a Calmbirth class during my first pregnancy. It was invaluable for both myself and my husband. My classes are held over two consecutive Saturdays, in South East Melbourne. Please visit the website for class dates and to book your spot.

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