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Kim Castle

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  • Mobile0439 368 498
  • OccupationRegistered Midwife & Nurse
  • Address8 Oneil Road
  • Beaconsfield
  • VIC, 3807

Bio Hello and welcome. I’m a registered midwife & nurse with a combined 13 years of experience and a mother of two beautiful young boys (thus far!). I was initially drawn to teaching Calmbirth after caring for couples in labour who had attended Calmbirth classes. Each of the women were unique…each labour and birth different. Yet in every case the woman was calm, trusted in her body and worked with her labour rather than fighting against it. Better still, the partners also seemed to carry this calm and trust and together they would work as a team to welcome their baby into the world. What cemented my decision to become a Calmbirth educator however was my own birth experience. The birth of our first son was so incredibly positive and empowering and I absolutely credit that to the skills and confidence we gained by attending a Calmbirth class during the pregnancy. The labour and birth of our second son was completely different - yet I utilised those same Calmbirth techniques and his arrival was equally wonderful. If you're looking for childbirth education that will address your fears, will give you an understanding of your mind and body during labour and birth, is evidence-based and will teach you tools that you (& your partner) can use to create your positive birth experience - then Calmbirth is it. It really is an investment in your pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone for class dates, to ask any questions or to make a booking. I look forward to hearing from you!

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