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Lael Stone

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Bio I came to birth work through my own birth experiences. The birth of my son was a highly traumatic, interventionist birth that left me with a lot of questions. Second time round I searched for a supportive environment, better ways to birth and began to believe in my body. I gave birth to my daughter in a gentle waterbirth and had the most amazing life changing experience. The power of a beautiful, gentle birth experience propelled me into the work of birth and set me on my life's mission.I was also fortunate enough to experience Calmbirth® with my 3rd child and had a life changing birth experience - a positive, empowering Cesarean. I became a birth attendant (doula), childbirth educator and lived my passion of inspiring and educating women to achieve the birth experience they desire. I have been so privileged to witness many women birth, and each time it cements my belief in the natural beautiful process of birthing. Working in birth and attending women at home and hospital, gives me a great understanding of how our birthing system works. My background is in alternative healing, counselling and aware parenting. I have been teaching Calmbirth® for nearly 10 years now and I have witnessed so many wonderful calmbirths as well as taught hundreds of couples this wonderful program. I believe in a fun learning environment and I receive so much joy from teaching and sharing this amazing birthing secret. As well as bigger workshops, I often teach private classes in the couples own home.