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Lisa Stark

  • Mobile0412 686 654
  • OccupationAntenatal Social Worker
  • Address110 Riverstone Crossing
  • Maudsland
  • 4210, QLD

Bio Hello, my name is Lisa. I am a mother of 2 children and have worked as an Antenatal Social Worker for 9+ years at a public hospital, supporting pregnant women, their partners & their families with various issues (including anxiety, depression, previous birth trauma or unexpected birth outcomes) that may impact on their physical, emotional & mental wellbeing during their pregnancy, birth experience or their parenting journey. As part of this role, I have also co-facilitated antenatal classes with midwives & led preparation for parenthood classes for several years.  My passion is to support women & their families to discover and develop their inner strengths & resources for pregnancy, birth and beyond, to be able to approach this special time of transition & change, in a more peaceful & self-assured manner. For various reasons, many women approach the birth of their baby with anxiety & trepidation. However, I believe that through sharing the knowledge & strategies within the evidenced based Calmbirth® program, helps to demystify the “great unknown”, thereby significantly reducing any fear & anxiety, and giving back some of the control over your birth experience. In doing so, this creates a sense of accomplishment, through achieving your best birth experience & knowing that you’ve given your baby the best possible start to life. A women’s body intuitively knows how to birth her baby, however so often, anxiety creeps in, causing in a cycle of uncertainty, fear, pain, and mistrust in one’s inner strength & what their body can do. So much preparation goes into the arrival of a baby… buying a cot, pram, clothes, choosing paint colours for the nursery etc, why should it be any different with investing the same time & energy into emotionally & mentally preparing yourself for the birth of your baby. Attending our Calmbirth® classes is an investment in your pregnancy, in creating a joyful, memorable, positive birth experience, in your attachment & bonding with your baby, and in your conscious parenting journey. The Calmbirth® program provides knowledge, strategies & a set of life skills that are not only birth focused, but are transferable & beneficial to use during your parenting journey, throughout everyday life & stressful life events.  The Calmbirth® program is not about guaranteeing or forcing women to have a natural, drug free labour, but rather, prepares you for ALL possibilities, with a focus on making informed decisions & that safety for mother & baby is always paramount.  The Calmbirth® program assists to bring couples together to work as a team, to alleviate fear and tension, helping you to have a sense of calm confidence, feel more connected & to be a support to each other during this incredible stage of life event, empowering you to create your own joyful, positive birth experience, even if things don’t go according to plan. For further information and to book into an upcoming Calmbirth® course, please feel free to contact me. I would feel privileged if you allowed me the opportunity to be a part of your birth journey. I look forward to hearing from you.  Calm Mind, Calm Body... Calm birth.

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