I was so excted to discover the incredible resource that is the ‘Birth Map’ and to have a chat with Catherine all about what led her to creating it and how women, their caregivers and support people can use it.

So what is Birth Mapping?

“It’s a birth preparation process focused on making informed decisions for various possibilities, these are recorded in a personalised birth map, that is used by care providers and support people during your labour and birth”.

This includes preparation for all birth scenarios as well as for after your baby is born and your postpartum.



Through the Birth Map – Catherine has created a framework for your informed decisions, it guides you through the questions you might like to ask your caregiver as you go through your pregnancy (as with birth plans I always say they work best in pregnancy!) this not only helps you prepare by seeking out more information in areas that you might discover you have gaps in your knowledge about, but also helps you gauge whether your care provider and chosen place of birth are right for you.

As Catherine says, ‘birth is unpredictable, but it is not unpreparable’, by exploring all possibilities and your choices and decisions around them, you are able to make a truly informed decision.

“This is such an essential part of birth preparation as you may have heard me say numerous times before – how women feel about their birth MATTERS and when we are informed, supported and central to the decision making process, women are more likely to experience it as positive and less likely to experience Postnatal depression – this is not just vital for the woman but for the health of her baby and family too. Yes it might be one day, but the effects and implications can last a lifetime!” 

Knowledge is power my friends – it truly is, I hope that our chat can help support you in your preparation.

Beautiful sketch by @emmaearthstar @birthmapping








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