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The Birth of little baby Maeve Lily

Birth Stories

Story by Jake & Jade

 Born at 11.15am on 10/07/20 was our little Maeve Lily Bronger. Weight 3.76kg and 55cm long.

Induced on Thursday evening 9/07 with soft and favourable cervix (2cm dilated already). Early labour started almost immediately and once I was alone with Jake and Kate getting some rest, the contractions really intensified. My balloon catheter fell out at around 3.30am on the 10/07 and I was moved to a birth suite. Kate was called back in and I called Jake back both arriving around 4.30am. Kate did an examination and I was 9cm! I ended up getting an epidural at 6.15am and started pushing at 9am due to the epidural taking a little longer to take effect on me. The head was visible from my first push but kept sliding back in and wouldn’t progress. I pushed for nearly 2 hours with no further progress so I was advised to get some assistance with an episiotomy and vacuum. After three more pushes our little girl was born and it was magical.

The labour was very different to what I expected as I ended up labouring to 9cm alone but I focused all my energy on my breathing which got me through. It was a very silent and focused labour and my breathe was everything. I took each contraction one at a time. Looking back I am extremely proud of myself. Even though I required assistance at the end, due to having a bigger baby, I wouldn’t change the birth. It was a moment Jake and I will forever cherish.

Thank you for your contribution to this amazing birth Mel through the Calmbirth course. 

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