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The Birth Stool…how to take a seat during labour…

Birth Preparation

A birth stool is simply a device used to promote and support women into an upright position during labour and birth.


Birth stools are generally low to the ground. This encourages legs into a flexed position and expands the size of the pelvis. Supporting baby to manoeuvre through the pelvis.

Another way this position is often achieved is by squatting between a support persons lap, resting your arms over their legs, and allowing them to take your weight.

In this upright position women are making the most of gravity to promote baby to move down into the pelvis.

It can also be great to take a seat during labour on the toilet…(aka the dilation station) Sitting backward on the loo and using a pillow to have up your sleeve. This position also gives support people plenty of access to your back and hips for massage.

Photo by @breedownes_doula_photographer

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