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The Calmbirth of Luna

Birth Stories

Story by Michelle

We had an amazing birth and people can’t believe it when I say ‘I loved giving birth’.

Luna Joan Dobson was born 13/2/23 at 4.19pm after being induced at 11am. She was a teeny tiny 2.49kg. Her growth in utero had slowed and I was showing some signs of preeclampsia risk. It had only been a week since an induced birth at 37 weeks had been recommended. I spoke to Karen after we decided to go ahead with the induction and she was absolutely wonderful at discussing which Calmbirth techniques to focus on in the short space of time we had.

During labour I used a lot of visualisation and vocalisation whilst I bounced on the ball with a little bit of gas right at the end. People can’t believe it when I say I loved giving birth! I felt so powerful and in control. My partner, too, felt informed and like he knew exactly what his role needed to be. We’ve been recommending Calmbirth to everyone!

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