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Times are really crazy and surreal at the moment and stress levels are high. There are things we can do though, to help manage our stress and anxiety during these times and finding ways to do this is important. Connecting with our breath is one way and the beautiful thing is that it’s easy to do, and we can do it whenever and wherever we need to.


Did you know that when you simply stop for a moment and connect with your breath you immediately start to create a sense of calm?

And did you know that when connecting with your breath and then slowing it down you will amplify that sense of calm?

Try it now by simply taking your awareness to your breath…
Breathing in, to your own natural number and breathing out, to a similar count.
Slowing your breath down more and more until it feels comfortable and right for you.
That’s the way, just simply spend some time there now watching the breath breathing itself. And I wonder how quickly you will feel a sense of calm developing throughout you mind and body?

How do you feel?

Connecting with and slowing our breath down is such a simple, yet powerful tool we can use whenever we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It helps to re-centre and ground us by allowing us to tap into our relaxation response (as opposed to our stress response), stimulating all our feel-good hormones and creating a sense of calm.

In fact, it is the strongest tool we teach in Calmbirth to pregnant couples. It helps couples reduce their stress, which birth doesn’t like to play with and provides comfort during labour and birth. The Calmbirth Conscious breath techniques allow them to work with birth rather than work against it.

So always remember: When your mind becomes scattered, use your breath to take hold of your mind again.

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