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The power of your mindset, hormones and environment in birth

Birth Preparation

The power of your mindset, hormones and environment can play such a vital role in making you feel safe, calm and private for the kind of birth that can unfold for you, as Calmbirth mum, Tara discovered when she birthed her beautiful baby Cohen James.

Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations are simple yet can be such a powerful tool for birth and have the incredible power to shape a positive mindset whilst dispelling any old beliefs and cultural perceptions you may have about birth that maybe causing you fear and anxiety.

Positive affirmations may be the confidence boost you might need when it all feels too much. Hearing those soft words of encouragement whispered into your ear as you break between surges can give you the reassurance, courage, resilience, and strength to keep going when labour gets challenging and believe that you’ve got this!

Affirmations are a great reminder to surrender to the birth process as there is no failure in birth just different birth journeys and are a great reminder to trust the process.

By incorporating affirmations into your birth preparation and beyond, think about what words or birth quotes may resonate with you? What might you like to hear so that you can stay motivated to achieve your goals, practice self-compassion, maintain a positive outlook even in challenging times, and keep trust in yourself and your ability to give birth.

Because how you think and feel about your labour and birth can impact the way you birth your baby.

Birth is just as much of the mind as it is of the body.

The belief systems surrounding birthing women and people have an enormous impact on how a woman or birthing person works with their birth emotionally and physically, and how their body will then respond to this, determining not just their physical journey but how they walk out of their birth at an emotional level. These belief systems also influence the environment created around women and birthing people by their support team and caregivers and can significantly impact the birthing journey and outcomes of birth at all levels. And let’s face it, our cultural beliefs about birth need a big re-work because they are creating too much fear-based misinformation and misconception.

At Calmbirth we believe that an open mind is an open body, and our priority is reframing the way birth is viewed and perceived, opening minds to the amazing possibilities of birth.

Creating your calm, safe and private labour & birth environment

When a woman feels calm, safe, and private in labour, it is the perfect environment for her to labour and birth in. Her mind will tell her body that it’s safe to relax and her body will respond by surrendering to the birthing process. The act of surrendering will allow the perfect cocktail of birthing hormones to be released, which will help her uterus to contract, her cervix to soften and open and her baby to come down into her pelvis and out into the world.

Birthing is like making love all over again so think of your birth environment like you would your love making environment, which is private, safe, respected, uninterrupted, in a dimly lit room with minimal noise and distractions and intimately connected with your trusted partner.

You can create that beautiful intimate space and mood to birth your baby in by incorporating, fairy lights, tea lights, scented candles or essential oils, affirmation cards or quotes around the room or hanging on the walls for inspiration. Special photos of loved ones surrounding you.


Play your favourite playlist of songs and listen to the Calmbirth guided relaxations to make you feel calm and relaxed. Have your partner have you well nourished and hydrated with your favourite foods.


Bring your own pillow for comfort, eye mask to create that darkness and ear pods to block out all the white noise.  Have your birth ball, acupressure comb in hand, rebozo and tens machine by your side if you need them for natural pain relief options and to get you comfortable and opened up for birth.


Don’t forget to ask your partner for that massage or nipple stimulation which promotes labour and natural oxytocin.


No matter what your labour and birth environment look like, be it in a hospital, homebirth, water birth or C Section birth the main thing is that it feels right for you and your partner and that it  makes you feel calm, safe, and private.

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