Calmbirth® Classes at The Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN)

Due to its credibility as the leading childbirth education program in Australia and abroad, Calmbirth® classes are also available at the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN).

The course is conducted over two consecutive Sundays. Each of the two days commences at 9.00am and concludes at 5.00pm.

The next Calmbirth class dates available at the SAN:

11th & 18th November – Kate Corbett

13th & 20th January 2019 – Jenny Childs

March 10th & 17th  2019 – Jenny Childs

May 19th & 26th 2019 – Jenny Childs

July 21st & 28th  2019 – Jenny Childs

The ideal time to attend a Calmbirth class is between 24 and 34 weeks gestation.

This, however, is not a strict guideline; if you are feeling particularly anxious, we suggest coming earlier on, and if you have left it a little late to book, you are still welcome to attend after 34 weeks. We feel that the ideal time frame of 24 to 34 weeks gives couples enough time to reflect on and practice what you will learn in the Calmbirth class, using the tools and techniques to help you prepare for your birth.

The SAN provides morning and afternoon tea. Participants can bring their own lunch or buy it from the SAN cafeteria or nearby Wahroonga shops and cafes.

The course fee is $550 and this includes the Calmbirth® book and relaxation USB set. After you have attended the Calmbirth® class, you may be able to claim with your health fund.

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Directions to the SAN Calmbirth Venue

About the Educators


Jenny Childs

Jenny has a Masters in midwifery and has spent ten years working as a midwife. She has seen first hand the fear of childbirth in many women and their partners and she wanted to find a way for women to learn about the resources they have within them, to help them understand what a wonderful and transformative experience birth can be. She is based in the inner west of Sydney and travels regularly to the far south coast in and around the Bega Valley.

Kate Corbett

Kate Corbett is a midwife and mother of three young children. Her passion lies in assisting birthing couples to discover and develop their inner strengths for pregnancy, birth and beyond so that they may approach their baby’s birth feeling calm, confident and empowered. Kate believes the classes emphasise the amazing natural ability a woman has to birth her baby and provides practical skills for women and their support partners to alleviate fear and tension. Not only has she observed the benefits of preparing with Calmbirth as a midwife she has personally experienced how effective the program is having attended Calmbirth in preparation for the birth of her own children.